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We don't know about standards

We only know about craft and tradition at the service of design.

We are devoted to uniqueness

As manufacturer of bespoke lighting and furniture pride ourselves on our long experience, and a key aspect of this, down through the years, has been the accomplishment of any non- standard design challenges.

We are loyal to our origins

As a traditional artisan of iron, brass, bronze combined with other noble materials, we are able to get you the most high quality and complex bespoke designs ever imagined.

We don't know about boundaries

We own a long international trajectory as a reliable supplier for contemporary and traditional bespoke projects, focused on luxury residences, hospitality and contract channel.

we believe in 

Art as a state of mind


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Share with us your specifications, documents and drawings.

We will prepare shop drawings in detail and get confirmation from the client and or the purchasing agent/designer.

After that  we will provide price proposals for the project, based on technical specifications and drawings, for the client approval.

In case of  major changes along the way, regarding to the shop drawings, material finish or other  choice changes, we will re-quote the prices.




artisan execution 

Once the client provides the approval, we will start executing the initial samples.

After the client provides us actual control of the samples and clear instructions regarding material finishes, we will  prepare strike off samples exactly the same as the clients control samples to show the product as it will appear at the end of the project. Photographs/images will be sent to the client throughout the project.





After finishing the product , photographs/images will be sent for the client approval before delivery.

Our technical team will provide support on product installation.

We will provide you any further customer support in order to grant the final client satisfaction.

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