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Lighting and furniture aimed to decorate luxury villas and special residential projects, that may require special attention to detail, as well as non standard finishings and dimensions, is one of our strengths.


Once the interior designer has created and defined the project, our technical and creative team gets to work executing the pieces according to the design layout.


Exclusivity has a key role here, where the space expresses itself.






A hotel opening is a complex operation.


The interior design project covers many different areas, guest rooms and corridors, lobbies, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, all different from each other, where customization is key.



Our team gets committed to the project, and works jointly with the interior designer/ purchasing agent, in order to deliver it as expected by the client.


Delivering the project on time and according to the fixed budget is one of our most important goals



Any commercial project needs an extra of originality, a little more of creativity and imagination to make it unique.


All companies are willing to convey to space their essence and differentiate themselves from their competitors, and here is where our work becomes essential.


Being different is what defines us, and helping our clients to feel different is what motivates us.

We create bespoke and unique elements  in a full range of materials, thanks to our extensive knowledge gained over 30 years in business, as lighting and furniture manufacturer.


We also advise you on different aspects of the design to ensure it is possible to produce a fitting that is reasonable in cost, installation, and original.


We love to work closely with our customers to create the pieces they conceive, from a truly unique piece or recreating a piece from the past.

Furniture companies count on us to help them on making their designs possible.


The leaders in furniture manufacturing are really eager to match their client's expectations, that is why we work jointly with their design teams to deliver their products exactly as they have been anticipated.

Boheme Design born more than 30 years ago as a manufacturer of iron lamps structures for lighting manufacturers


We have never forgotten our origins and nowadays we still remain on business as a supplier for the most known lighting brands, all over the world.


We have improved year by year and now, we are capable of delivering complete and finished products.


This has consolidated us as a reliable provider for any lighting company and also for any lighting project that needs a serial manufacturing of high quality and also cost-effective.




Boheme Design continues engaged to its origins.

More than 30 years in business as a lighting and furniture manufacturer back us up.



Our technical expertise is our success key.

Finding a feasible solution for any complex project is our daily challenge, and our work ethic.



Our commitment is not limited to our client , because above all we are devoted to one goal, quality, which is our constant endeavor.