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Sculpture lighting in lost-wax cast brass art.


This ancestral technique allows us to get an extraordinary quality and detailed finishing,  beyond other similar techniques applied to decoration.


This technique is halfway between crafts and industrialized processes, making us fully competitive when collaborating as suppliers for different furniture and lighting companies. 


Our brass decoration pieces are all realized with the precision lost-wax casting technique which is a method known all over the world.


It has been used for more than 4.000 years without major changes. The craftsmen in ancient India and Egypt, the Han civilization in China, the Masters of the Greek Art, the Etruscan, the gold casters of the South American civilization, the bronzes of the Benin in Africa, had with these method a great impact on the technical and cultural research of human kind.


The serial reproduction of the wax and the advanced technologies involved today in the process, from the making of the gypsum in vacuum to the melting of the metal in a controlled environment, make these technology the most refined method of casting known today, able  to reproduce accurately complicated metal pieces as well as very small pieces and details.

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