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The deepest romantic feeling this time is neither hidden nor repressed, nor hidden somewhere inside, but stars in the total surface in this latest collection "White Romance" by BOHEME DESIGN. With this collection of seven exclusive pieces the feelings are in full bloom, and you can see that something as deep as a romance there is in them thanks to the artisanal manufacturing process used to produce them through the work of traditional pure materials such as lost wax and glass.

Sensitivity, life and purity is what inspires us this set of pieces that represent the roughness of the most vivid, true and luminous feelings through the texture in bright lost wax and pure glass.

Handcrafted and custom-made glass tears for each piece make this a unique and exclusive set of pieces. Bright, white and transparent that represents the purity of feelings that come out through the wrinkled paper skin and glass tears that represent the most vivid feelings of a romance that is lived without butt to flower of skin.

These pieces let natural light pass through glass, trap heat in the golden texture and therefore make these sensitive pieces, warm and pure. Like a healthy love. The pieces represent a white, beautiful, luminous romance, like a love that can be enjoyed in daylight. The sensitivity of true feelings.

With nothing to hide and with the right to live a new romance in the light of day, these pieces transport us to what would be to live a "White Romance", a pure and healthy love through which light can pass and whose feelings can surface and show the most sincere golden roughness.



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